What is DuuniExpo?

DuuniExpo X Career 07.02.2024 is a student-led networking and recruitment event that gives everyone the opportunity to network and expand their social and professional network. We create the opportunity to find a place for an internship, a summer job or a job in general. Students can also find a topic for their thesis.

Get inspired

Getting inspired is part of DuuniExpo. This invites people to come and create opportunities in their own career path.


Networking is DuuniExpo’s real attraction. We offer visitors the opportunity to create a solid foundation for their own network, and the opportunity to expand it.


At DuuniExpo, we want to create success stories, not a single success story is born without a large inspiring network.

Why DuuniExpo?

This year DuuniExpo was a great opportunity to be inspired by the people around you. We create the opportunity to network in a way that would not be possible in everyday life. Above all, DuuniExpo creates success stories and gives everyone the chance to succeed in their career. Every person's career path is different, and there is no one right way to build a career - everyone can find their own path to success, regardless of their studies, background or sector.

Welcome to a memorable event!