Creating a career can be easier for some than for others, it can be a complex path including many different tasks, experiences and even several employers. For some, the career can be straightforward, with the same employer for several years, doing much of the same type of work. Each of us has an individual career. A career is born from a chain of various work tasks and work experiences. It is good to think about career planning already during your studies, what do you want and how can you achieve your goals? Noticing opportunities and seizing them are important for your career, and chance can have a hand in the game, do you have an eye for the opportunities in front of you?

At DuuniExpo, we offer you and your career many opportunities, we have companies to network with and get to know. At DuuniExpo you can find an internship, thesis inspiration, summer jobs and opportunities. You get to listen to great speakers' career stories, encouraging and inspiring speeches. We are happy that we can be involved in creating the career you want. 

In creating a networking event from students to students, we create a future that looks like our generation for all of us. Successful people will be needed in every field in the future, so finding jobs and positions that you like is especially important.